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Monitor, credit and manage stocks in a demand-oriented manner.

Smart farming is already an integral part of modern agriculture and has the potential to promote more productive and sustainable agriculture through a precise and resource-efficient approach using data-based management. Plant sensors provide reliable, up-to-date data on the development status of plants. The nitrogen uptake and thus the vitality of the stock is measured and provides clear information, e.g. on the difference in ripening and yield at the stage of ear development. This makes it possible to react quickly when planning plant protection.

Using smart farming data correctly

Field management applications, such as ISARIA CONNECT, support harvest logistics, particularly in the area of specialty crops. A plant sensor provides reliable data throughout the year and can be followed every time you travel across the field. This data can be used to document and reward inventory development. For example, farmers can understand a shift in yield zones during crop management and take appropriate measures based on these findings.

ISARIA CONNECT is used to store and visualize the collected sensor data on a case-by-case basis and offers a highly precise view of the plant population. Farmers also have the option of accessing data such as temperature and rainfall from previous years and retrieving satellite images. The application provides farmers with a great deal of impact-related data. As a result, he is absolutely able to draw comparisons between the yield and success of crop protection treatments and the easier it is to make decisions when managing crops in the future. He also has the option of creating Schag individual application maps based on the available data, on the basis of which even more precise site-specific management is possible. With intelligent smart farming solutions, farmers can maximize the yields of their agricultural land and operate more efficiently.

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