Targeted use of resources for maximum returns.

Demonstrably higher yield thanks to plant sensors.

Ein gelb-grüner John Deere Traktor mit ISARIA PRO Active Anbau steht in einem grünen Feld.

Demand-oriented plant supply:

In order to guarantee local food security, it is becoming increasingly important in crop production to ensure high yields through efficient and conscious use of inputs. To achieve this, you must Fertilizer, reseeding, growth regulators and plant protection products suitable for Plant nutritional and growth requirements be deployed. This requirement varies within a stroke and cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is exactly where ISARIA comes in with its Precision farming system on. With its help, application agents can be applied precisely where the plants need them. The result: Higher returns with consistent use of resources. Good to know: The ISARIA plant sensors are eligible for funding, as they are on the BMEL positive list. This allows you to apply for up to 40% government funding. You can find more information directly at

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Demonstrably higher yield thanks to plant sensors.

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+4.4 dt/ha
growth regulator
in winter wheat

Did you already know? The actual need for growth regulators can vary extremely significantly within one stroke. If the dosage is incorrect, weak stocks are inhibited while strong stocks go into storage.

  • Up to 37% difference There was a practice-oriented experiment.
  • Once responded, there was 4.4 dt/ha additional yield

Especially in heterogeneous areas, the sensor-based application of growth regulators provides strong economic benefits!

ISARIA Kartoffeln GIF
+21 dt/ha
Sensor-based fertilization
In the case of potatoes

What if...

upon 1⁄4. of German potato growing areas Would application agents be applied precisely where the plants need them?

With an area of 173,260 ha in Germany, that would be 90,961 t additional yield of table potatoes. Because with the help of the ISARIA system, you can achieve an average additional yield of 21 dt/ha potatoes generate with the same amount of fertilizer.

This would allow the city of Munich to be supplied with potatoes while maintaining the same resources!

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