ISARIA CONNECT — the application for efficient field management.

Intelligent data management, blow by blow.

Eine Person, die auf einem Feld steht und mit ihrem Laptop auf ISARIA Connect zugreift.

Intelligent inventory management for professionals.

Centralized data management is becoming increasingly important. ISARIA CONNECT helps to manage site-specific data more efficiently and to keep an eye on important findings for cultural management.


ISARIA CONNECT enables efficient order management and easy data administration. ISARIA CONNECT can be used independently of ISARIA plant sensors and provides access to satellite maps and data on temperature and rainfall retroactively back to 2016.
Intuitive and simple operation
Basic functions are available free of charge regardless of the use of the plant sensor
Easy calculation of application maps based on satellite maps or previous ISARIA scans
Easy transfer of the order file to the ISARIA terminal or other systems
Biomass monitoring based on satellite images, monitoring of temperature and precipitation patterns
Manage, Analyze, and Visualize ISARIA Scan Data


ISARIA CONNECT can be used independently of ISARIA plant sensors and, as an efficient field management application, provides access to satellite maps as well as rainfall and temperature data from recent years. Sensor data can be imported and analyzed, and application maps are created based on sensor data or satellite maps. These can then be transferred to the tractor terminal in order to manage the plants on a site-specific basis. In addition, the collected sensor data can be imported into ISARIA CONNECT on a case-by-case basis and provide a high-precision view of the plant population. The application provides farmers with a variety of impact-related data, which enables them to draw comparisons between yield and success of crop protection treatments. Based on these findings, well-founded decisions can be made in cultural management in the future.
Ein Mann steht in einem Feld und schaut auf ein Tablet, das die ISARIA Connect geöffnet hat.

ISARIA CONNECT Functionality

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1. Registration
Easy registration via email to activate the portal.
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2. Create a company
Create basic information for the company.
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3. Access rights
Create users with different access rights (e.g. crop consultant, plant manager).
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4. Management
Define parameters and desired work mode.
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5. options
Application cards and yield potential maps can be considered.
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6. Transfer
Orders are transferred to tractors and can be retrieved there.
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7. Managing data
Comprehensive analysis and documentation functions are available.

The application for precise field management.

ISARIA CONNECT offers intelligent data management and a simple and free introduction to smart farming.