ISARIA - More than just a fertiliser sensor.

Site-specific management using smart farming.

Innovation Award Silbermedaille Agritechnica

The future of agriculture starts today.

In order to remain sustainable in agriculture, there is no way around smart farming. The ISARIA system optimizes the supply of your plant population and helps you to maximize yield. Our plant sensors measure N supply and biomass growth. The measurement results are combined in the ISARIA CONNECT data management system. In this way, each shot can be individually observed, evaluated and managed accordingly.

The benefits of the ISARIA system.

ISARIA Produktbilder (Pro Compact, Pro Active und Connect)
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Efficient inventory management.

Agricultural crops are often very heterogeneous. The ISARIA plant sensor enables the intelligent exploitation of yield potential.
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Intuitive and easy data management.

Centralized data management is becoming increasingly important. ISARIA helps you keep an eye on important data.
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Trusted partner.

ISARIA stands for many years of experience, expert support and in-depth expertise that is specifically tailored to individual needs.

More than just a fertilization sensor — the plant sensor from ISARIA.

The ISARIA sensor uses light reflection to measure the plant population during the crossing and passes this data directly on to the tractor and attachment. In this way, application agents, fertilisers or seeds are optimally applied on the plot.

The ISARIA system.

The right solution for every company.

Ein Roter Case IH Traktor mit ISARIA Pro Active Anbau steht auf einem Feld.

Can be used day and night regardless of environmental influences.


Small and compact for use in daylight


Efficient management of site-specific data.

Our success stories.

ISARIA in everyday use.

Phillip Krainbring


“Once you've decided on a fertilization strategy and everything is set, the spreading process is almost self-evident.”
About the success stories

Jacob van den Borne


“I was only able to see measurably higher yields with ISARIA; I don't use anything else anymore.”
About the success stories

Josef Höckmeier


“With the ISARIA plant sensor in conjunction with our slurry tank plus NIR sensor, we have the opportunity to use nutrients even more efficiently on our fields.”
About the success stories
Ein roter Traktor mit ISARIA PRO Active Anbau fährt in der Nacht ein Feld entlang.

Benefits of smart farming in general and plant sensors in particular.

Optimized crop production: Plant sensors help to maximize yields.