Up to 40% government funding for the ISARIA plant sensor.

ISARIA sensor systems are listed on the BMEL positive list.

Ein grüner Fendt Traktor fährt düngend das Feld entlang.

The individual federal states also offer their own funding programs:


BaySL Digital

BaySL Digital funding program reopened. More information on the website.
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Förderung für Investitionen in Spezialmaschinen und Umweltinvestitionen (FISU).
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Förderprogramm für Agrarumwelt, Klimaschutz und Tierwohl (FAKT II).
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Digitalization in agriculture

Digitalization in Agriculture funding program opened. More information on the website.
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The BMEL funding.

The BMEL funding was created to promote investments in environmentally friendly technologies and equipment. It is a program offered by the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The funding program offers financial support for investments in agricultural practices that are particularly environmentally friendly and climate-friendly. It runs for a period of four years until December 31, 2024.Farmers, agricultural contractors and commercial machinery rings are eligible to submit applications. What exactly is being promoted is investments in technologies that protect the environment and save resources. Examples include machines and devices that are used in agriculture to precisely dose and apply fertilizers and plant protection products, such as the ISARIA plant sensor. This is on the BMEL positive list.

24.11.2023 - Impact of budget lock on investment program approvals
As a result of a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Ministry of Finance has imposed a budgetary lock. At present, no new permits may be issued under the Agriculture Investment Programme. Approvals that have already been issued are not affected by this block and payout requests can still be submitted.
About BMEL funding