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Plant sensors offer farmers the opportunity to examine their stocks in real time for current fertilizer requirements and then fertilize precisely. Plant protection product applications can also be variably applied to the required areas using plant sensors. ISARIA offers digital agriculture for everyone: plant sensors for every size of farm. The ISARIA PRO Active active plant sensor and the ISARIA PRO Compact passive plant sensor — but the question is: Which plant sensor is suitable for? Let's take a closer look at that.

Digital agriculture for everyone: The ISARIA PRO Compact farm

Typical companies for ISARIA PRO Compact Due to their simple and intuitive operation, they are companies that are concerned with getting started with smart farming and site-specific management. The ISARIA PRO Compact can be used profitably in agriculture starting at around 80 ha and in vegetable and specialty crops even with significantly smaller cultivation areas. Professional grassland companies and contractors with a focus on grassland reseeding are also used.

This is compatible with all well-known manufacturers of grassland reseeding equipment. The ISARIA PRO Compact is an AEF-certified ISOBUS-compatible plant sensor. The easiest way to establish device compatibility is therefore on an ISOBUS tractor with an ISOBUS attachment. However, ISARIA also offers the necessary accessories to install the ISARIA PRO Compact on a non-ISOBUS-compatible tractor. The ISARIA PRO Compact is easy to install on all vehicles, for example on the side mirrors. The reference sensor is attached to the roof of the tractor using a magnetic mount. In addition to the tractor, self-propelled sprayers, for example, can also be quickly and easily equipped with the sensor.

Smart farming mit ISARIA

Digital agriculture for everyone: The ISARIA PRO Active farm

Larger arable farms or mixed farms with a focus on agriculture with previous knowledge in precision farming are the right place for ISARIA PRO Active. If yield potential cards are available at the company, the use of ISARIA PRO Active becomes even more effective. The sensor can take this into account during real-time fertilization (map overlay). It is also possible to use the ISARIA expert systems.

Thanks to its own active lighting source, the ISARIA PRO Active is a so-called active sensor system and can therefore be used 24 hours (day and night). This means that the user is not restricted in any way on long working days. The active ISARIA sensor is therefore particularly interesting for companies that want to use the favourable plant protection conditions at night. It is also possible to spread manure at night. This can also be of interest to contractors who carry out fertilization and crop protection services even at night in order to be able to provide the high daily benefits in contract business. Renting out sensors is another field of application. In this way, plant sensors can be used effectively across companies.

Good to know: The ISARIA PRO Active has a own light source and is therefore also suitable for use at night.

ISARIA Pro Active bei Nacht

What do ISARIA PRO Active and PRO Compact measure?

Regardless of whether the ISARIA PRO Active plant sensor or the ISARIA PRO Compact passive plant sensor — both plant sensors measure the light reflected by the plants during the crossing. These reflection values are calculated in the ISARIA system. This results in two plant indices. The biomass index provides information on inventory density. The N supply index, on the other hand, reflects the current nitrogen supply to the inventory. On the basis of these two indices, depending on selected fertilization strategy Calculate the correct amount of fertilizer for the current stock yourself so that you always optimally supply your plant stocks.

These are the advantages of ISARIA plant sensors:



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