Regulate growth

Precisely control plant growth and development and save application agents.

Growth regulator - The right amount makes the difference

Growth regulators are used to influence the growth of the length and thus the stability of the plant. Their use has a positive effect on yield and quality. However, an incorrect dosage of growth regulators can have a devastating effect on crop results and on the environment. Careful use of growth regulators is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid negative effects.

Optimum distribution using plant sensors

With the help of plant sensors, growth regulators can be applied extremely precisely and precisely. Plant sensors help farmers make decisions: To what extent should growth regulators strengthen vigorous stocks in order to avoid warehouse damage? How far can you reduce the amount of expenditure when stocks are weak in order to ensure natural yield development and save expensive application materials?

At the same time, politics and society are calling for a drastic reduction in the use of plant protection products. The site-specific use of growth regulators meets these requirements and increases production reliability. On the one hand, storage damage and therefore drying costs are minimized. On the other hand, important yield and quality goals can be met.

The sensor-based growth regulator application even results in a proven Income advantage. Residues, especially at weak locations, are minimized by reducing costs.

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Regulate growth

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