RAUCH integrates smart plant sensor from ISARIA in fertilizer spreader



Plant sensor in fertilizer spreader: Site-specific management now even easier with ISARIA PRO Compact.

Farmers with a new RAUCH fertilizer spreader For the first time, can the benefits of a ISARIA PRO Compact Enjoy plant sensors from the factory: RAUCH installs the sensor at the optimal location on the spreader container on selected models and completely integrates the electronic components.

The main area of application of the ISARIA plant sensor is mineral fertilization on many farms. Accordingly, the combination of fertilizer spreader and plant sensor into one system makes it easier to use the sensor for the first time and thus to get started with smart farming.

ISARIA Pro Compact im Einsatz

The ISARIA PRO Compact itself is already an ISOBUS-compatible sensor. However, because all ISOBUS components are already integrated directly on the spreader, you don't need to connect them individually. In addition, the exchange of data between sensor system and fertilizer spreader is optimally solved. Overall, conversion and set-up times have been reduced to a minimum.

As a partner of modern agriculture, ISARIA Digital Farming is constantly working on new partnerships and smart farming solutions. The ultimate goal is to make everyday life easier for farmers.

The ISARIA PRO Compact is the ideal plant sensor for a farm size of 80 ha or more. It was specially developed for use in daylight. During the crossing, the sensor determines the biomass and N supply index and thus — with the highest measurement accuracy on the market — detects the nutritional requirements of the plant population on a small scale. The sensor transmits the calculated application rate to the fertilizer spreader in real time and adjusts it. All data can also be accessed via the online application ISARIA CONNECT Evaluate and document.

The ISARIA PRO Compact is available both integrated into RAUCH fertilizer spreaders and as a standalone solution — adapted to the individual needs of the farm.

Smart farming for sustainable agriculture

ISARIA Pro Compact

The site-specific management of agricultural land with the help of plant sensors is becoming increasingly important.

All areas of a field are different. With the help of ISARIA PRO Compact, it is possible to apply fertiliser exactly where it is needed. As a result, yield potential is optimally exploited and fertilization efficiency is increased. Especially in times of rising fertilizer prices, it is essential to use resources in a targeted and careful manner and to increase yields. Nitrate leaching is also avoided, which helps protect the environment.

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