AEF-ISOBUS: ISARIA PRO Compact now officially certified



The ISARIA PRO Compact was officially certified by the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation e.V.) and included in AEF-ISOBUS compatibility database recorded.

The current market situation shows that farmers and contractors are no longer purchasing their machines from just one manufacturer. Cross-manufacturer compatibility is now regarded as a competitive advantage and, above all, as an incentive to buy. This requires appropriate industry standards.

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What is ISOBUS?

The term is a standard for cross-manufacturer communication and data transmission between various components in agriculture. This should ensure cross-manufacturer compatibility for tractors, attachments, operator terminals and office software. This standard makes it possible to control various types of attachments from the same terminal. Components include terminals, job computers and connectors.

ISARIA PRO Compact with AEF-ISOBUS certification

Die AEF is an independent organization founded in 2008. The aim is to improve the cross-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electrical components in agricultural technology. Transparency should also be ensured when it comes to compatibility issues in order to provide customers, dealers and service technicians with appropriate information.

All relevant parameters of certified machines are listed and evaluated in an online database. The AEF ISOBUS database shows which functions are possible with specific device combinations. By looking at the AEF database, you can check whether a new component fits the previous components even before you buy it. With just a few mouse clicks, you can check which functionalities a particular product supports. The database is an important source of information for purchasing decisions.

In principle, ISARIA sensor systems can be combined with both ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS compatible application devices. The ISARIA PRO Compact is an ISOBUS-compatible sensor. The system logs on as an ISOBUS subscriber and then communicates with the other subscribers via this standardized communication channel. The ISARIA PRO Compact has now passed the official AEF Conformance Test. As part of the test, the AEF functions UT (Universal Terminal; interface between the farmer and agricultural technology for input and display of data via touchscreen GPS), TC-BAS (Task Controller Basic; documentation of work done) and TC-GEO (Task Controller Geo; collection of location-based data) were tested.

The ISARIA PRO Active [link: IPA product page] is not an ISOBUS sensor. However, you can still control ISOBUS application devices.

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