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ISARIA supports farmers on their way into the future and offers resource-saving and efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Environmental protection through resource-saving fertilization

ISARIA Pro Active

Plants in a wide variety of areas of a field have different nutritional requirements for optimal development. The Fertilizer Ordinance also severely limits nitrogen quantities and fertilization times. This is exactly where the ISARIA system comes in and provides sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for all farmers. Application agents are applied precisely at the point in the field where they are needed by the plants. Optimized nitrogen balance and optimal utilization of yield potential are the result. Demand-based fertilization prevents nitrate leaching and the resulting contamination of groundwater.

Smart farming for sustainable agriculture

Digital transformation has long since reached agriculture. Smart farming, precision farming or digital farming are the associated keywords: In order to remain promising for the future, there is no way around sustainable and digital solutions. The ISARIA system supplies plants with what they really need and paves the way for digital agriculture.

Needs-based plant supply with ISARIA plant sensors

Precision, productivity and efficiency are the keywords of today's modern agriculture. Our ISARIA system is suitable for managing arable and grassland areas in a wide variety of crops and ensures their optimal supply. At the same time, it helps farmers to intelligently exploit yield potential and produce high-quality crops in a resource-saving manner.

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Sustainable & digital - Future for farming

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