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The ISARIA PRO Compact is the next visionary advance in agriculture. The new ISARIA PRO Compact plant sensor has been specially developed for use in daylight. The ISOBUS-compatible ISARIA PRO Compact, the little brother of the ISARIA PRO Active, is also a worthwhile investment for businesses with less than 100 hectares of arable land.

The ISARIA principle.

The ISARIA PRO Compact measures the sunlight reflected by plants. The sensor units attached to the tractor, for example the mirrors, record the reflected light in the red and near infra-red range. The sensor unit mounted on the roof measures the spectrum of the current ambient light.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick.

  • Optimale Ausschöpfung der Ertragspotenziale
  • Höhere und gleichmäßigere Proteinqualität
  • Optimierte N-Bilanz
  • Höchste Wirtschaftlichkeit
  • Lagervermeidung

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